Friday, February 27, 2009

A Night At The ER

Sounds romantic doesn’t it? Much like A Night At The Movies, A Night at The Opera, A Night Sitting On The Couch Like A Vegetable….

When I picked Alex up after work last night, he comes bounding down the stairs, prances across the lawn and throws his backpack into the car. When he flops himself into the front seat he says:

Him: I think I broke my hand today.

Me: Really? Why?

Him: I slugged a guy. We were kidding around so I slugged him.

Me: And broke your hand? Let’s see it.

He holds it up and it does look a little swollen. I think that he must have just sprained it.

Me: Can you wiggle your fingers? (I ask this because I know all those medical things and am pretty sure that if anything is broken you can’t wiggle it.)

He holds up his hand and wiggles all his fingers. He then pulls on his little finger.

Him: I can’t pull this finger down very far.

Me: (BIG SIGH) Ok, we’ll go to After Hours when we’re done with dinner.

No sense rushing into these things and he does look just fine.

We go home, fix dinner and then eat dinner. Hubby says that we should go to the After Hours clinic while he cleans up dinner. It is now 7 PM. Above slugging happened at 8:05 AM, almost 12 hours.

We both knew this was going to be a long night. We only had to wait an hour and then were seen by the doctor.

Dr: Looks like you broke you hand.

Me: (Snort)

Dr: Are you in pain? Have you taken any medication for pain?

Me: (In my head, so the Dr doesn’t hear me. Why didn’t I ask that? I am out of the running for Mother of the Year now!)

We get an x-ray done and lo and behold, there is the break at the fifth metacarpal near his growth plate. He got a temporary cast and will need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon and possibly have some surgery since the break is so close to the growth plate.

This child is an angel. And after my first two, I deserve an angelic child.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baxter!

Today is my good friend, Baxter’s Birthday. He is turning four.

I stopped by the grocery store this morning and bought him a gift. He loves cheese curds and pea pods so that is what he got. He also received a platypus toy from someone else in the office. He loves food so my gift was a hit and the platypus squeaks so he loves that too.

Here he is sitting up and crossing his little paws so he can have some birthday cheese.

These are the doggy pizzas his mom and dad got him. These smelled good enough that I could have eaten them for lunch. They were chicken and double cheese pizzas. Pretty nice food for a dog.

Mr. Baxter waiting patiently for his Chicken and Cheese Pizza

And here is Baxter sitting pretty in a chair being a good dog waiting for his pizza.

I think he had a good birthday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

News Flash

Just in case you missed it....


beat the Boston Celtics last night

at the Energy Solutions Areana here in Salt Lake.


just nine days ago they beat the Los Angeles Lakers too!

And all without Carlos Boozer!

So, please do not tell me the Celtics didn't have Kevin Garnett to help them!


Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving Cats

Cats make me happy and just today I received an email from a co-worker filled with cats. It made me smile so I thought I would share it with you.

You Might Be Having A Bad Day If:

1. Your new diet doesn't seem to be working.

2. You pulled a muscle while trying to exercise.

3. Your new hat looked better on you at the store.

4. You keep losing things.

5. You feel like you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

6. The boss chews you out at work.

7. You got caught in the snow at lunch.

8. You feel trapped somehow.

9. Traffic on the way into work was brutal.

10. You think you might be coming down with the flu.

11. You're home alone and you hear a noise in the basement.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, my very favorite cat in the world, Stripes, along with his favorite boy, Alex.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

A Happy Valentines Day wish to all my bloggin' friends.
I hope your day will be filled with happiness.

Last night, after running Alex and Madie around, I came home to find these on my dresser along with a beautiful card.

See that cute little puppy? My hubby is allergic to dogs and, sadly, cats so here is my new puppy.

I have named him Butterscotch. He is very quiet and never does his "business" in the house. He is the perfect pet.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Toothache and True Love

Many years ago, I was treated by a dentist who did a very bad job on my teeth, my children’s teeth and traumatized Alex so badly that to this day he hates both Doctors and Dentists. This guy was truly a Quack! But he came highly recommended so we trusted him…for a while.

Fast forward to December 2008. I had a crown on one of my molars that started to give me problems. I have a wonderful new dentist and he took a look at it and informed me that Dr. Quack had not put it on correctly. There was a gaping hole between the tooth and the gums. Now the tooth was infected.

I foolishly chose to wait for treatment until January 1st so my Flex plan would be full of money.


Come January, after festering in my mouth this tooth was so painful that Ibuprofin 800 didn’t touch it, Tylenol 3 didn’t touch it, Loritab didn’t touch it they all just made me sick!

I was suffering big time.

Enter my wonderful semi-perfect hubby.

My hubby was married to wonderful woman who passed away after suffering from bone cancer. This man lovingly took care of his sweet wife. He retired from his Real Estate job to care for her full time and make her last days as comfortable as possible. He fed her, he bathed her, he gave her all the meds she needed and stayed by her side until the very end.

I hadn’t slept through the night in the three week prior to my appointment. (I should have just gone back in and paid for the procedure!!) I had to sleep sitting up and finally wound up sleeping in hubby’s recliner. He would wake up several times a night to make sure I was covered and warm. He fixed me soft foods that I could eat. He went to the store and bought me every kind of toothache medicine he could find. He called me during the day to make sure I wasn’t in too much pain. He held me when I couldn’t take it anymore and would cry. Plus the day of the inauguration, when I went home sick, he drove me to the Bank Robbery, sat and waited in the car for two hours and then followed me while I drove our “victim” home. He babied me and that was something I wasn’t used to.

I finally got in to have my tooth worked on and things did not go well. My tongue was cut, my gums were screaming and my mouth was full of cankers! So once again, he went off to the store and bought every brand of canker medicine around PLUS got a prescription for anti nausea medicine. And once again took care of me all weekend until I was all better. Thanks to my sweetheart of a husband, whose love language is service.

How lucky am I?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Town

The Charlotte Bobcats stopped by the Energy Solutions Arena last night. I took my boys with me to see the game. Hubby was sure we would all snooze through it. In fact, I gave him the tickets for his birthday in December thinking it was a great idea. Something he couldn't take back, exchange of give to charity. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. He loves the Jazz, I love the Jazz and I really love seeing them at the ESA. BUT..he kept saying his nose was bleeding, (and I hadn't even hit him for being a brat) he kept saying he could actually see the players on TV and his couch was much more comfortable than the ugly green chairs we were sitting on.

So, we were prepared for a boring wipe out of a game.

We missed the Jazz introductions but made it in time to hear that Raja Bell was now playing for the Bobcats. I love Raja Bell. He is a great player and is a real gentleman player. (In my opinion) Why would the Suns trade him? Why did the Jazz trade him to the Suns? Deep questions of the universe. We also discovered that D Will was injured again and wouldn't be playing. When will this suffering end?

The game starts and the Jazz stink! They had no defense. They had no offense. They had nothing!

The first half was painful. The Jazz were down the whole time. Where was our team, where was the boring blow out of a game they we were expecting?

Dear Charlotte Bobcats,

Please stop playing so well. Give it up and go home!

With Deep Respect,

Sometime in the 3rd Quarter the Jazz returned. Nikki and Adiel should be proud of their boys. Korver and Harpring were the come back kids. The team came together and gave us an amazing 2nd half. It was exciting and much better than sitting on the couch watching it. (no matter what my hubby says.)

Here are Cole and Alex scraping their heads on the ceiling! Alex is trying to get out of the picture. What a weirdo!

So thanks Jazz for giving us some great entertainment and thanks to the Charlotte Bobcats for giving it a great fight!