Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Town

The Charlotte Bobcats stopped by the Energy Solutions Arena last night. I took my boys with me to see the game. Hubby was sure we would all snooze through it. In fact, I gave him the tickets for his birthday in December thinking it was a great idea. Something he couldn't take back, exchange of give to charity. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. He loves the Jazz, I love the Jazz and I really love seeing them at the ESA. BUT..he kept saying his nose was bleeding, (and I hadn't even hit him for being a brat) he kept saying he could actually see the players on TV and his couch was much more comfortable than the ugly green chairs we were sitting on.

So, we were prepared for a boring wipe out of a game.

We missed the Jazz introductions but made it in time to hear that Raja Bell was now playing for the Bobcats. I love Raja Bell. He is a great player and is a real gentleman player. (In my opinion) Why would the Suns trade him? Why did the Jazz trade him to the Suns? Deep questions of the universe. We also discovered that D Will was injured again and wouldn't be playing. When will this suffering end?

The game starts and the Jazz stink! They had no defense. They had no offense. They had nothing!

The first half was painful. The Jazz were down the whole time. Where was our team, where was the boring blow out of a game they we were expecting?

Dear Charlotte Bobcats,

Please stop playing so well. Give it up and go home!

With Deep Respect,

Sometime in the 3rd Quarter the Jazz returned. Nikki and Adiel should be proud of their boys. Korver and Harpring were the come back kids. The team came together and gave us an amazing 2nd half. It was exciting and much better than sitting on the couch watching it. (no matter what my hubby says.)

Here are Cole and Alex scraping their heads on the ceiling! Alex is trying to get out of the picture. What a weirdo!

So thanks Jazz for giving us some great entertainment and thanks to the Charlotte Bobcats for giving it a great fight!


McEwens said...

Glad it turned out to be a great game!

Tracy P. said...

Whew!! Glad it got exciting for you!

the "Pan"lings said...

I'm not a JAZZ fan, heck I'm not even a basketball fan but there's something about being at the ESA that makes me a crazy fan!! ;p

Adiel said...

Wooohooo! Go Jazz! Go Matty Harpring! Love ya!

Melissa B. said...

I love b-ball, too! Sorry your team isn't Jazzy, though...it's just no fun to get beat, is it?

DG Darling said...

Now you can swat my Grandpappy for being a brat. Matt would be so ashamed! Passing up a live Jazz game, PUH!

Xazmin said...

Go Jazz! So sad though about my boy Morris Almond leaving. He's such a perfect fit for our community and I was looking forward to watching him grow into his bball career with us!

Plus he's a hottie!

nikkicrumpet said...

YOU LUCKY DUCK!! Even if your head is scraping the ceiling it's still fun to watch a game there! I love the excitement in the air. And lucky for you it turned out to be a great game! Tell hubby next time if he doesn't want to go I'll gladly take his seat!! And how about that Mavericks game last night...YAY Korver again! Well YAY all of them. I was tickled to see them play so well...hopefully they'll keep it up tonight!

Veggie Mom said...

Love going to arena games, even if my team loses. Something about the crowd, the junk food, the excitement, the atmosphere. And hope always springs eternal!

joanofalltrades said...

I've been in the nose bleeds b4. It's all about the experience. I too am a big Raja Bell fan. I was watching him when he was in the USBL.

Melissa B. said...

BTW…don’t forget Sx3 tomorrow. It has a Texas-sized theme. Something about armadillos?