Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm # 200!!

Cue the dancing girls. Tell the Cheerleaders to grab their pom poms and bring their megaphones. Strike up the band and start the parade!

I AM # 200!!

Nikki who is mommy to these cute little guys gave me a prize.

On the right is Crumpet and to the left is Ozzie.
I borrowed these pictures from Nikki's blog....I hope that's legal!

These two keep life hopping over at Blah, blah, blah, blog...
I just happened to be the 200th person to follow Nikki's blog. And she sent me a prize just for doing that. Isn't she the best?

This is my amazing prize. It's a beautiful antiqued box with a sliding drawer. This picture just does not do it justice. She also sent along this cute card. I do believe she has more talent in her little finger than I do in my whole body. Plus she is soooo funny! I love reading her blog because she always makes me laugh. And another plus....she is a fanatic Jazz fan. She's a Utah girl originally and moved all the way across the US but still watches every game.

Here is the box all closed up and ready for my jewelry to be nestled inside. There is a mirror on the front of the drawer and it's such a great color. My hubby thought I was totally insane when I was opening the box. He knows all about Nikki and her boys. I tell him all about her posts and he thinks she pretty awesome too!

When I opened the drawer I found there were Candy Cane Kisses. I'm trying to remember if I ever mentioned that I love Kisses on my blog. I think Nikki can read my mind. I have hidden them away so no one can eat them but me. I don't think that's selfish, do you?

Thank you Nikki for such a wonderful gift and thanks for sharing your life and those major cute dogs with the blogging world. If you haven't read Nikki's blog, you need to head over there right now.


McEwens said...

What a great prize! WOW 200 followers! Thats a lOT!!

nikkicrumpet said...

You are so sweet. I'm sitting here grinning and my hubby came upstairs with his dinner..sat down and said..."why are you staring at your computer screen with that googy grin on your face??? "
Thanks for the VERY kind words...I'm glad you liked it! I'm just glad we found each other in blogland so I have someone to celebrate with when the team wins...and be miserable with when our team loses! ARGGH AK47 had surgery today...this does not bode well for the next 3 or 4 weeks! THEY BETTER WIN TONIGHT!

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I love winning prizes (ok, really -- who doesn't?), and this is a neat one. The secret inside makes it all that much better. Congrats!

And thank you so much for visiting my blog yesterday during my SITS day. It was so much fun to see all the comments, and so many had such nice things to say. I hope you enjoyed yourself and come back to visit again soon!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Congrats on the win! How fun :)

Veggie Mom said...

Congrats, Marrdy! I can't even imagine what it would be like to have 200 followers...I can only dream, huh?

Melissa B. said...

Congrats to you, Marrdy, my sweet bloggy friend! You deserve it all!! BTW, 2 things: Don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. AND, please come over to my place to vote for the Hubz, Mr. Fairway. Thanks!

Tulsi said...

Aren't surprise prizes great:) !!

the "Pan"lings said...

I cannot even imagine having that many followers... but then I need to be maybe a 1/4 as funny as she right??? ;p I want to know how I can become a cool blogger!!