Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Great Day To Be From Utah

Did anyone miss the Sugar Bowl last night? You did? Well, let me be among the hordes who are tooting their own horns and say that

The University of Utah Running Utes

beat Alabama in such an amazing game. The team played great and it was a pleasure to watch them win. They really do deserve this win and they had a wonderful, successful season. Way to go Utes!

But wait....what happens when we change the channel to FSN and start watching the Jazz?

Well, to start off with, they were playing the Lakers. I dislike the Lakers mostly because of Kobe. I can't even stand to look at him. I used to enjoy the Lakers. It was an honor to play and beat the Lakers. It was even better when you played the Lakers in the playoffs and took them to 7 games! Now those were great games with players who at least tried to be gentlemen.

I think I may be the only Jazz fan left who still likes Fisher. Fisher was once my favorite player (during his short time here in Utah) and I still like him. It's just so sad that he is a Laker.

The Jazz were down 20 when we first turned it on....they rallied to within 4 but just couldn't pull it off. It was really pretty sad.


The good news.....Paul Milsap is back from being hurt. He is playing again and my little heart is a flutter. And in case you missed it, he fouled Kobe and Kobe rubbed his neck and whined! I wish he would have made him cry instead. (Just kidding...I would not wish bodily harm on him....or would I??)

So, being in Utah and having the Utes win after their awesome season AND having Paul back has put a nice start to 2009.

Good riddance 2008, I don't think I will miss you. Especially the last 4 months. Time to move on, eat better, exercise more and enjoy life in general more.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Tracy P. said...

Happy New Year, Marrdy! Glad it's off to a good start.

nikkicrumpet said...

Kobe is a big BABY! Milsap barely brushed him! And it's good to have him back....although they have GOT to start making their shots for pity sakes!!
The Utah game was a DOOZY! I got a bit nervous when it was 21 to 17 but those boys sure showed a ton of heart and toughness. Undefeated...what a year for them!

Adiel said...

I wish Kobe bodily harm! If I ever get closer to him than third row at the Energy Solutions Arena, I will do more than tell him he sucks at life, I'll punch him in his smug, sexual assaulter's face!

When we turned to FSN, they were only down by 5. I'm really mad at CJ Miles, he should've been taken out. Where was Korver?! ...but yay about Milsap.

And now that I'm done with my anti-Laker rage, yay Utah! Good game!

Veggie Mom said...

Marrdy: I actually watched the game, and thought of you. Do you know Katie, over at Ritch in Love? She's a big Utes fan, too! Now you've got a Great Team to brag about, and not those sorry Packers! BTW, I've got a Giveaway goin' on at my place...please drop by and put some POP! in your New Year!

McEwens said...

Wasnt that a great game?!

Demand More said...

Happy New Year! I hope I get to see you more this year :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Emily K. said...

YEA UTES! My thought do you get so many comments? You must be the most awesome person I know! Happy New Year and say hi to you hubby for me!

Lula! said...

I didn't even know who Utah was until they beat 'Bama. And I was GLAD...'cause 'Bama beat us this year and they deserved a reckoning, for sure.

Happy new year, by the way!