Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Guardian Angel

So, I have transferred to the new branch, spent three days muddling my way through things I don't know and have come up on top. Plus when I left work for the long weekend, I got a hug from my new manager.

These people are such nice folks. Everyone told me that, and I believe them. At least I believe Tonya!

There is also one gentleman who works there that I went to High School with who is threatening me with the dreaded YEARBOOK...I did remind him that he is in it too but he just doesn't care. I'll have to find a way to sabotage his chair or something.

One really nice thing at the new place is every Friday morning the Branch Manager buys breakfast. Yummy!

And here is one more reason that things will be alright at the new job. This bad boy is my new best friend. He jumps up behind me in my chair when creepy people come in the office. And he doesn't really like most men. He's a true ladies man!

Meet Baxter. Isn't he the cutest thing? Plus he's kinda of named after me. He almost makes up for missing Adiel, almost but not quite! (Adiel, you could use him as protection against Mr. Quest!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crocodile Tears

This is a warning to the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. Today there will be crying. Great.Big.Crocodile.Tears. Beware of flooding.

I have been with the Corporation I work for 4 ½ years. During the first 3 years I changed jobs every 3 months…or so it seemed. I worked for the Corporate Office until it moved to Minnesota. I then worked for the Regional Office until it moved to Phoenix and I have been at this branch for 18 months. At first I hated being here. Some of the employees thought I was a spy sent from Corporate to tell all their dirty secrets…sorry, no spy and no secrets (well, none that I would tell).

I did hear how to use the F word in many new and enlightening ways. On the job training. Gotta love it.

So, now, someone….up the ladder…is making moves again.

Today is my last day here. I am leaving….SOB….Adiel. I am leaving the VV brothers, the Hale boys, Steve with the bulging wallet plus all the guys who work so hard everyday to keep the customers happy.

I am leaving my family, my home away from home.

How did I allow myself to get so attached that it is tearing my heart out to leave?


There is lots of love here. (no, all you people with dirty minds…a good kind of love!!)

But I am only going about 12 blocks away. Not moving to Africa. I still get to see all my homies. Just not everyday, every hour, not with every ding of Adiel’s computer.

Thanks to all my great co-workers. I will miss you…now let’s go out to lunch!!!

Here I am with the boys waiting for lunch. And look Brett is even here!

And here we are all at lunch. Yummy food. Just before we are interrupted by a work emergency that sends everyone scattering to take of the problem. We did have a short, nice time!

And here is one final picture of me and Adiel...the true Adiel!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My FAVORITE Brother, Jack

My apologizes to those who read and commented on my first Favorite Brother post. I didn't really mean to post it, my fat fingers just started hitting buttons...but thanks for your comments!

Some of you may have seen the comment my brother Jack left me on my Good Morning Jerk post, so in retaliation here is a little bit about Jack.

I come from a large family. I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers. Which include two sets of twins. Jack is one half of one of the sets of twins. Thankfully, we didn't all live together all the time. During the summers there would be 10 kids in a 1,000 square foot house. We were sleeping three to a bedroom. Very cozy.

I am sure the picture above was taken of him the night I took him to see Jaws. (Not really but I am sure this is the face he had through the whole thing!) I thought I was being a nice big sister. He ended sleeping in my bed and keeping me up all night! My mother said I deserved no sleep for taking such little kids to see a scary movie. I think he and Jill were 6. What was I thinking??

Oh, look what a cute picture of the "other" set of twins in the family. Shelly and Kelly with Jack's adoring FAVORITE big sister Marrdy. How cute is she??

Now back to Jack.

Jack has always been fearless. I remember him doing things when he was little that would have sent me screaming and crying to hide in my closet. Once he even shot a neighbor kid with his BB Gun. Not that the kid didn't deserve it but hey, you just can't go around shooting people.

Wow, another picture of that totally awesome FAVORITE sister and Jack at Grandma's house. Jack is probably three and I am fifteen. Are you guys just diggin' those pants. You are all jealous. Especially Adiel. She has never seen such a fashion statement!

Jack was born when I was 12. My mother was in the hospital the last two months of her pregnancy because Jack was a twin. He has a sister who my parents named Jill. Yes folks, I have a brother and sister named Jack and Jill. Can I even describe how embarrassing that is for a 12 year old? I wanted to name them something cool like Link and Lulu. Now those names don't fit. Jack fits very nicely!

I love this picture of Jack and Jill together. Don't they both look like they are saying, "What the *%@*'s going on!" Maybe it's just the cool deer in the headlights look. Jack has always been cool. He is also that smartest of all the siblings. Plus he is a computer geek but doesn't look like one. We (the sisters) even bought him a pocket protector when he graduated from college. Should we be hurt that he never uses it?

Here are Jack and Jill (he doesn't have many pictures alone when he was younger but that's OK because Jill is mighty cute!) with their cousin Michelle in Idaho. How about those green pants? What was my mother thinking. But aren't they cute as buttons?

I do need to add that Jack never beat me up as a kid like my 3 brothers who were closer to my age. I think (in my twisted mental thinking) that he was really scared of me and knew I would whoop his butt if he tried!

Jack really is my favorite brother and I can say that because I know that he will be the only brother reading this. His most recent life altering experience is getting married to his high school sweetheart, Kristin. She is perfect person for him and they are so cute together. She even gets his sense of humor. Plus she came with three of the cutest boys in the world. Here is a picture of them at their wedding last year.

From the left side there is Kepler, Roan, Jack, Bronwen (the only daughter), Kristin, Cade, Tal and Jonathan.

So now you have met Jack and his family. Next time he leaves a smart alec comment on my blog, you will all understand and have great sympathy for me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adieu To Edward and Bella

The end has come. Edward and Bella have left me alone to dwell in the real world. But I am happy.

I finished Breaking Dawn last night. I turned the last page and breathed a sigh of relief. Now I have to get back to reality and not dream that it was me flying through the forest with Edward. I will miss them and their friends and family.

I didn't want to start reading this series. I didn't want to be part of the nameless masses who were swooning over Edward. Now, I am glad I did. I do so love happy endings.

I read a spoiler before I finished Breaking Dawn and I did not like the ending the author spoke about. I resisted the urge to read the last page to find out how things really ended. It wouldn't have made any difference, the last page gives nothing away.

So until November, good bye to Edward, Bella, Jacob and the gang. I will miss you.

My hubby is happy I am done reading. When I told him last night that I had finished the book he said, "Does that mean I don't have to play second fiddle to a book anymore?" I told him it meant he wouldn't be loosing me to a vampire anymore. We both smiled.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mama Mia Plus 8 Boys and 2 Girls

Alex was sick for several days last week and by Friday he was a little stir crazy. Poor kid! Friday afternoon hubby asked if I would like to get Alex out of the house and catch a movie. I checked with Alex and he said yes he felt well enough to go but he also wanted to go out to eat.

Decision made we were off to the theater to pick a show since I am lame and couldn't pull the dumb thing up on the Internet. I am sure that it was the computers fault and not mine! We decided to see Mama Mia. I am a sucker for musicals and both Alex and hubby thought it would be a great idea. Yea, I win!! We had about 90 minutes before the show so off we went to get some food.

We stopped at a cute little Italian Restaurant right by the theater. Alex and I ordered 4 Cheese Ravioli and hubby had Fish and Chips. (I didn't understand this choice but I had a taste and it was delish!!)

The waitress brought our food and held out a plate and said, "Ravioli?" Hubby said, "4 Cheese Ravioli?" And I grabbed it from her hands. (I was hungry!) She set Alex's down in front of him and he says, "How come there are five?" I laughed and told him it was four cheese meaning four different cheese and not four the count of four. And some people say the teenage brain is still forming...go figure. Just eat Al and don't analyze the food!

So we were off to see the movie. I fell in love with it at the first song, and the second and the third. I loved this movie!!! Of course I was a teenager in the 70's and loved ABBA then loved the A-Teens with my daughter. The only kind of creepy part was Pierce Bronson singing and wearing spandex. When this comes out on video I will be the first in line to buy it, I loved it that much!

Mama Mia, here I go again. My, my how can I resist you?

Really how can anyone resist this??

Saturday we got invited to a BBQ at hubby's oldest daughters with her family.

What fun!!

We sat around and talk and ate and ate and finally took pictures.

Here is the latest addition. Little Emelia. Isn't she too cute for words? She has cheeks that are just begging to be pinched or kissed. I think she likes the kissing better than the pinching.

And here is the most recent little boy, Zander. He is so darling. All smiles!

Here is the rest of the family. The eldest grandchild Jason, his wife Angie and their 5 boys!

And here is Misty, her hubby Matt with Madison, Thomas and baby Emelia. (Sorry, Misty, if I spelled that wrong.)

And here is the baby of the family, Amber with her hubby Doug and boys Cameron and Weston.

And finally here is my baby trying to not have his picture taken. What a brat!

We had a great time and I love watching all those little boys play and Madison in there to trying to instill some order.

This is good...on Sunday we went to my (FAVORITE) brother Jack's house to pick up a belated birthday present for Alex from my mom. I think she doesn't know for sure how old he is because she had bought him a blinking light shirt from Cars. Isn't he so cute here wearing it? My sweet sister in law Kristen made the comment that it was very nice of Grandma to remember his birthday. I was just laughing! I need to be more like Kristen! My nephew's, Nick and Cody have birthdays coming up. They better be ready for their blinky shirts too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Morning Jerk

I got a phone call this morning from a woman who was upset with, I'm assuming, someone that was not me. It was ever so pleasant to be greeted first thing in the morning with someone so pathetic. Why are there people like this in the world? They should be locked up in a sound proof room so that no one will have to listen to their rants anymore. So, because of that I have some ranting of my own.

I would like to address the appropriate ways to speak to people when you call a place of business for any kind of service. It seems there is some confusion on what is acceptable behavior in dealing with the folks who earn a measly penitence to assist you in your time of need.

1 - Please do not just assume that I know you and you know me. Even with Caller ID I do not know you although I can see your name on my little display. Please do not treat me like you are my long lost Aunt Bertha. Especially if you are trying to sell me something. It's kind of creepy. (I don't know which is more annoying...the screamers or the suck ups.)

2 - I may be the 4,000th person at this company that you have spoken to about this problem but I do not know what your problem is. Please do not scream at me because I have to ask a few questions. They do not pay me enough to put up with that kind of behavior. Besides I am betting you are older than two since you can use the phone so there is no reason to throw a fit. Please get a grip.

3 - I am so sorry you are having a bad day, year, decade, life...eternity. I really don't want to hear your sob story. I might feel a little sorry if your cat, dog, alligator, mother in law was recently hit by a Mac truck, but please don't use this as an excuse as to why your current bill is 6 months past due. Everyone has problems, me included. Maybe I should start sharing mine with you. We could all use some free therapy.

4 - There are many people in our office. If I happen to pick up the phone when you call back please don't think that I am the same person who answered the phone before. I wasn't and there is no reason for you to yell at me that I cut you off AGAIN! Take a few deep breaths, go to your happy spot and then begin to speak to me. Besides, I have no control over the person I or anyone else was transferring you to. If you would like to speak to his/her supervisor about the fact that his/her voice mail is full, he/she doesn't really know how to speak on the phone or he/she is a total idiot, I can transfer you to that person. But only if you play nice.

5 - Don't start your conversation accusing me of something. Even if it was me who did it, it may have been a mistake. I do make mistakes, but I know it is difficult for a person as perfect as you to understand that. Plus it makes me dislike you instantly.

6 - Please do not bad mouth other companies doing similar work. I actually work for a large corporation and not really a small company. You might be saying bad things about one of my good friends. And won't you be embarrassed when I tell you that the bad company is actually another branch of the company I work for. Also please don't say bad things about my co-workers. I actually like most of them and you will make me angry.

7 - And lastly, I am a big fan of Thumper and his amazing rule for getting along with people. And that Golden Rule is something pretty important too. Think about that BEFORE you call here. I don't like mean people and I just may ask one of the guys here to run over you with their big truck. Passive/Aggressive behavior...I am an expect!

Thank you and have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Veggie Mom awarded me the following lovely award. You all (or y'all as Lula says) need to travel over and pay her a visit. Plus she's got a link to Popr's which I have got to try! Thank you very much for this award!
As a recipient of this Bloggy Award, I'm required to do the following:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs for the award.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

So as requested I would like to bequeath this Brillante Award to:

1- Tara & Justin who are just too darn cute and have an entertaining blog over at Mucho Matagi. Plus Justin belongs to Carla and I have known him along time. He's getting up there in years!

2 - My cute little cousin Mandy who is living away from home in Texas with her cute hubby who is in the military and darling baby.

3 - And an award to Amy who lives over the mountain in Park City (or thereabouts...maybe Heber?) She is so talented...she may inspire me to quilt.

4 - Go visit the McEwens in Colorado. You will love the weather and the tale of Pam's life with boys and now a wedding.

There you go, four blogs that I love to read!! That I think are Brilliante and deserve a little recognition.

I Would Like To Thank The Academy

Looky what I just got.

I was awarded a blog award by Sherrie from Kaysville Mamma! Sherrie has the best blog. I still haven't gotten a chance to completely stalk her but I will! She is so cute and really is my next door neighbor...well, kind of, she does live up the freeway from me so we are practically cousins! (Her, me, Adiel and Dooce, of course!)

I have received, from Sherrie, the Lovable Blog award....can you hear the deafening cheers from the crowds? Oh wait, that is only the freeway traffic. (but in my mind I can hear them!)

Thanks so much Sherrie, you are the best!

So, in the spirit of blogging, I would like to share this blog award with Adiel. She is my inspiration for starting this blog. So, here's one for you, Adiel!

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Edward Is Back

Adiel is a saint!! This morning she walked into the office, set down her gigantic purse, (she is going to have back problems one day!) and headed toward the restroom to change out of her cheer practices clothes.


First she made a detour by my DAWN!!

But I have to work because I have been blog stalking all morning.

I am not sure how anyone can expect me to work with this book sitting here looking at me. I won't be able to read at home because I have to clean my "up for sale" house so it looks like no one lives there. Plus, even though he says he doesn't mind, I know my hubby hates to be ignored.

Maybe I should take an 8 hour lunch. That sounds good to me and I think it just might work.

I am a tortured soul!!

I may just hire this Ninja Kitty to beat up everyone who wants me to do something else besides read.

Edward wants me, he needs me and I must comply.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Fond Farewells

My Grandpa Baxter passed away in 1988, my father in 2002 and my beautiful Grandma Baxter in October of last year. Sometimes I miss them so much I can't breathe. Now my Grandpa's wife Elizabeth is getting to the point where she needs round the clock help. My wonderful aunts (my dad was an only boy in a family of 6 girls. Yikes, I'm betting he was spoiled!) went to Wyoming to pack up her house and move her into an assisted living center. Then they had a garage sale with all her belongings she couldn't keep. My aunts are completely, totally awesome. They are the cutest aunts in the world. (I can say that because I don't know your aunts so there is no contest!)

Saturday morning I made Madie and Alex get up early (8:30) and make our way to Aunt Marsha's. Aunt Marsha is the best. She was my biggest support when I was having marital problems and then finally divorced. She had been there and knew what I really needed to hear. Then when I started to date my cute new husband she was my voice of reason. She went over all the pros and all the cons and wasn't afraid to tell me what she thought of me dating someone older than me. Here she is with a painting that she was trying to sell. She still highly recommends not getting married at all...she is just too funny! She is going to be the only speaker at my funeral (someday) because I want people laughing not crying and she can accomplish that.

Alex and my niece Ashley spent most of their time sitting in shading yakking on the cell phone and enjoying a large Coke, a staple in Alex's life. Alex has the fastest fingers in the west. He had almost 3,000 text messages last month. Good thing school is out.

My dad's oldest sister Jeanene with Mindy my cousin and her boys. Mindy is the most creative person in our family. She made my dress and Madie's for my wedding last year PLUS she did all the catering. She did an awesome job. Here they are selling cupcakes and punch for all those hungry garage sale maniacs.

Here, posing on an exercise bike that is for sale (can't figure out why nobody wanted this relic) is Aunt Brenda. Starting on the right is Madie, Alex, my sister Marrla and Ashley.

And here is Aunt Diana, my Uncle Don who is married to Janene (and who most people who see him with all the aunts thinks he is a polygamist) and my exotic Aunt Bonnie. She lives in Huntington Beach so the next time you visit a Hollister store go check out the live picture of the beach. If you look to the far right you can almost see Aunt Bonnie's house. Lucky her!

Missing this morning was my Aunt Merla. I am such a good niece that I didn't even ask where she was. Sorry Aunt Merla!

And here is my cousin Rex who drove up in a 1999 BMW. I was filled with envy. This has been the car I have always wanted.

Finally, here is what we put up on our front lawn Saturday morning. I am torn about this. I love my house, love the location and have great neighbors. kids need to be closer to school and their friends so now we are off to find a new place to live. They say selling a house ranks right up there with Death and Divorce so here's hoping that hubby and I still like each other when we're done with this. Plus I am hoping this will make Madie want to spend more time with us. Now that is another story......

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Win A Piggy Bank!!

Lynn over at After The Dust Settles is having a contest and giving away a cute Watermellon Piggy Bank. Almost like the one I gave my Mom for her birthday. This one is a brand new design and isn't even on Lynn's website.

Stop over and enter her contest. All you have to do is leave a comment. Too, too cute!

Bless The Beasts and The Children

As any mother will tell you, the claws come out on Mama Bear when someone messes with their cubs.
I only have three children of my own who sometimes remind me that I am a mom first and everything else second. I love them totally and completely. Do something to them and you will have to deal with me. Normally, I am a very nice person and I HATE confrontation and avoid it at all costs. But not with my kids. I can be Mama Bear and hunt you down (in my head) and rip you apart. (metaphorically speaking)

I have many other children besides my three. I have girls who I have taught in church who are now between 46 and 13. They are my babies too. There are hundreds of boys and girls who have been a part of my life who are like my children too. I have nieces and nephews who I would give my life for and I hate to see any of them made unhappy by someone else.

Here at work I like being the Office Mom. Brett (love him, miss him) dubbed me Mama Marrdy, I title I really enjoy. I like taking care of my "kids" and protecting them.

Last week there was some blogging drama going on with a cute fellow blogger that we all love. She was hurt and we were sad. We were all willing to beat up this person who hurt her. We could have kicked some serious cyber butt. The person who hurt her was an anonymous blogger.

Blog stalking is fine. I did it for a long time before starting my own blog. But there are certain rules of blogging that sometimes people forget. They think if a comment is left anonymously they can say whatever they like and not take into account the bloggers feelings. We bloggers are, after all, real people with real feelings. Blogging is something we do for fun, not something we do so people can try to hurt others.

My Mama instincts came out last night. Someone said something not very nice to my Adiel. I was upset and I wanted to cause someone some hurt. My poor husband put up with my ranting and finally told me that both of us should take the high road because it was obvious that anonymous got just the reaction she was looking for. So high road here I come...with my claws out.

So my advice to everyone is be nice. Like Thumper says, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!"


Friday, August 1, 2008

Let The Biting Begin

I owe this obsession to Adiel and Heather. Adiel who talked about the books and Heather who said, "Edward, bite me!" This is all your fault!

This morning on the local FOX station there was much hype about Breaking Dawn. They interviewed a woman who works at Barnes and Noble. She was excited to have thousands of insane Edward fans waiting to enter her store at midnight. (I rolled my eyes...I'll just bet she was excited. Crazy people should be home in bed is what she was really thinking.) Anyway, she said, "The decision will finally be made. Will Bella choose Edward and be a vampire or stay a mortal and choose Jacob?"


I'm sorry....lost it there for a second. Let me do some deep breathing.

Holy Crap.

Is there even any thought that Bella may choose (cough, choke) Jacob? Granted I am only half way through Eclipse, but I have never thought that Bella would be making any kind of choice. Maybe I just need to read a little longer to find out that she is doubting her feelings for Edward. And why am I obsessing about a character in a book. What is wrong with me??

Edward has gotten to me.

My poor husband said last night that he has lost me to a book. Wednesday night I was innocently sitting on the couch reading. He was there also watching the History channel and (I thought) enjoying himself. He threw a pillow at me. I laughed and threw it back. He threw it at me again. Geez, can't he see I'm reading? He threw it at me again so I threw it back. Once again he throws it at me BUT this time he wrinkles a page in my book....there were some deep breaths going on about this time. I glared at him and I could tell he was totally scared. I am very fierce! But, he throws it at me again....and....misses me, hits my mug of ice water and it flies and lands upside down on the heater/air conditioning vent. Ice water gurgling down toward the furnace. I was aghast. Look what he had done. I ran to get a towel, took off the vent and proceeded to wipe up all that ice water. Then I stopped. What if I stuck my hand in that vent that disappears into darkness. What if there is a vampire or worse yet a werewolf or the worst of all a spider down there. I am totally nuts. But I made him clean it up and then paid a little attention to him.

I guess Edward would have to wait.