Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Fond Farewells

My Grandpa Baxter passed away in 1988, my father in 2002 and my beautiful Grandma Baxter in October of last year. Sometimes I miss them so much I can't breathe. Now my Grandpa's wife Elizabeth is getting to the point where she needs round the clock help. My wonderful aunts (my dad was an only boy in a family of 6 girls. Yikes, I'm betting he was spoiled!) went to Wyoming to pack up her house and move her into an assisted living center. Then they had a garage sale with all her belongings she couldn't keep. My aunts are completely, totally awesome. They are the cutest aunts in the world. (I can say that because I don't know your aunts so there is no contest!)

Saturday morning I made Madie and Alex get up early (8:30) and make our way to Aunt Marsha's. Aunt Marsha is the best. She was my biggest support when I was having marital problems and then finally divorced. She had been there and knew what I really needed to hear. Then when I started to date my cute new husband she was my voice of reason. She went over all the pros and all the cons and wasn't afraid to tell me what she thought of me dating someone older than me. Here she is with a painting that she was trying to sell. She still highly recommends not getting married at all...she is just too funny! She is going to be the only speaker at my funeral (someday) because I want people laughing not crying and she can accomplish that.

Alex and my niece Ashley spent most of their time sitting in shading yakking on the cell phone and enjoying a large Coke, a staple in Alex's life. Alex has the fastest fingers in the west. He had almost 3,000 text messages last month. Good thing school is out.

My dad's oldest sister Jeanene with Mindy my cousin and her boys. Mindy is the most creative person in our family. She made my dress and Madie's for my wedding last year PLUS she did all the catering. She did an awesome job. Here they are selling cupcakes and punch for all those hungry garage sale maniacs.

Here, posing on an exercise bike that is for sale (can't figure out why nobody wanted this relic) is Aunt Brenda. Starting on the right is Madie, Alex, my sister Marrla and Ashley.

And here is Aunt Diana, my Uncle Don who is married to Janene (and who most people who see him with all the aunts thinks he is a polygamist) and my exotic Aunt Bonnie. She lives in Huntington Beach so the next time you visit a Hollister store go check out the live picture of the beach. If you look to the far right you can almost see Aunt Bonnie's house. Lucky her!

Missing this morning was my Aunt Merla. I am such a good niece that I didn't even ask where she was. Sorry Aunt Merla!

And here is my cousin Rex who drove up in a 1999 BMW. I was filled with envy. This has been the car I have always wanted.

Finally, here is what we put up on our front lawn Saturday morning. I am torn about this. I love my house, love the location and have great neighbors. kids need to be closer to school and their friends so now we are off to find a new place to live. They say selling a house ranks right up there with Death and Divorce so here's hoping that hubby and I still like each other when we're done with this. Plus I am hoping this will make Madie want to spend more time with us. Now that is another story......


Adiel said...

Alex and his texting! He texts more than I do these days!

So it's official! The house is on the market! I'll cross my fingers for ya Marrdy!

Liz said...

Good....sell that house and come move back here where you belong!

COMcewens said...

Good luck selling the house! Dont let people tell you it is a bad market! We sold ours twice in a week after it went up!

BEST thing we ever did!

Veggie Mom said...

Love the family photos! I posted a heck of a snap from the Family Album yesterday. It's so great to be able to keep track of our lives electronically, isn't it?

Marrdy said...

Liz- We are trying...we even looked at a couple of housing very close by. Let's hope the house sells fairly quickly. I don't want to move in the snow!