Thursday, August 21, 2008

My FAVORITE Brother, Jack

My apologizes to those who read and commented on my first Favorite Brother post. I didn't really mean to post it, my fat fingers just started hitting buttons...but thanks for your comments!

Some of you may have seen the comment my brother Jack left me on my Good Morning Jerk post, so in retaliation here is a little bit about Jack.

I come from a large family. I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers. Which include two sets of twins. Jack is one half of one of the sets of twins. Thankfully, we didn't all live together all the time. During the summers there would be 10 kids in a 1,000 square foot house. We were sleeping three to a bedroom. Very cozy.

I am sure the picture above was taken of him the night I took him to see Jaws. (Not really but I am sure this is the face he had through the whole thing!) I thought I was being a nice big sister. He ended sleeping in my bed and keeping me up all night! My mother said I deserved no sleep for taking such little kids to see a scary movie. I think he and Jill were 6. What was I thinking??

Oh, look what a cute picture of the "other" set of twins in the family. Shelly and Kelly with Jack's adoring FAVORITE big sister Marrdy. How cute is she??

Now back to Jack.

Jack has always been fearless. I remember him doing things when he was little that would have sent me screaming and crying to hide in my closet. Once he even shot a neighbor kid with his BB Gun. Not that the kid didn't deserve it but hey, you just can't go around shooting people.

Wow, another picture of that totally awesome FAVORITE sister and Jack at Grandma's house. Jack is probably three and I am fifteen. Are you guys just diggin' those pants. You are all jealous. Especially Adiel. She has never seen such a fashion statement!

Jack was born when I was 12. My mother was in the hospital the last two months of her pregnancy because Jack was a twin. He has a sister who my parents named Jill. Yes folks, I have a brother and sister named Jack and Jill. Can I even describe how embarrassing that is for a 12 year old? I wanted to name them something cool like Link and Lulu. Now those names don't fit. Jack fits very nicely!

I love this picture of Jack and Jill together. Don't they both look like they are saying, "What the *%@*'s going on!" Maybe it's just the cool deer in the headlights look. Jack has always been cool. He is also that smartest of all the siblings. Plus he is a computer geek but doesn't look like one. We (the sisters) even bought him a pocket protector when he graduated from college. Should we be hurt that he never uses it?

Here are Jack and Jill (he doesn't have many pictures alone when he was younger but that's OK because Jill is mighty cute!) with their cousin Michelle in Idaho. How about those green pants? What was my mother thinking. But aren't they cute as buttons?

I do need to add that Jack never beat me up as a kid like my 3 brothers who were closer to my age. I think (in my twisted mental thinking) that he was really scared of me and knew I would whoop his butt if he tried!

Jack really is my favorite brother and I can say that because I know that he will be the only brother reading this. His most recent life altering experience is getting married to his high school sweetheart, Kristin. She is perfect person for him and they are so cute together. She even gets his sense of humor. Plus she came with three of the cutest boys in the world. Here is a picture of them at their wedding last year.

From the left side there is Kepler, Roan, Jack, Bronwen (the only daughter), Kristin, Cade, Tal and Jonathan.

So now you have met Jack and his family. Next time he leaves a smart alec comment on my blog, you will all understand and have great sympathy for me!


McEwens said...

That is a LOT of kids!! Love how you got back at him! JACK AND JILL!!! I am laughing at that one... so sorry for you.

I imagine Jack was pretty tired of the comments growing up!

Kristin said...

Brilliant mind, hilariously funny and wonder he's your favorite brother.

Adiel said...

This is funny, I should do posts featuring each member of my family!

and yes, those pants are splendid!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

How fun! Great post :)

Melissa B. said...

Love the sweet family snaps--what a large, beautiful family! What did your folks say when you took little bro' to see JAWS?

Melissa B. said...

Hey, did you see the kitty cat Veggie Mom posted today? Looks a lot like one of mine. Small world, isn't it? BTW, don't forget it's Sunday, and you know what THAT means--S4 is underway today!

Emily K. said...

I think we all have a brother like Jack. (or friend, neighbor, in-law). You are so lucky! And can I say WOW to two sets of twins!

Rhea said...

Jack and Jill...hehe Your parents have a sense of humor. I love those pants you had on! WOW!!

Taking your little brother to see Jaws, that's just cruelty!!

I can't believe he shot someone with a bebe gun. I think my hubby did that when he was younger too. Bad boys.

Kepler said...
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Kepler said...

I really like that last part about the computer geeks son who also is a computer geek who also has a blog here: