Monday, August 25, 2008

Crocodile Tears

This is a warning to the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. Today there will be crying. Great.Big.Crocodile.Tears. Beware of flooding.

I have been with the Corporation I work for 4 ½ years. During the first 3 years I changed jobs every 3 months…or so it seemed. I worked for the Corporate Office until it moved to Minnesota. I then worked for the Regional Office until it moved to Phoenix and I have been at this branch for 18 months. At first I hated being here. Some of the employees thought I was a spy sent from Corporate to tell all their dirty secrets…sorry, no spy and no secrets (well, none that I would tell).

I did hear how to use the F word in many new and enlightening ways. On the job training. Gotta love it.

So, now, someone….up the ladder…is making moves again.

Today is my last day here. I am leaving….SOB….Adiel. I am leaving the VV brothers, the Hale boys, Steve with the bulging wallet plus all the guys who work so hard everyday to keep the customers happy.

I am leaving my family, my home away from home.

How did I allow myself to get so attached that it is tearing my heart out to leave?


There is lots of love here. (no, all you people with dirty minds…a good kind of love!!)

But I am only going about 12 blocks away. Not moving to Africa. I still get to see all my homies. Just not everyday, every hour, not with every ding of Adiel’s computer.

Thanks to all my great co-workers. I will miss you…now let’s go out to lunch!!!

Here I am with the boys waiting for lunch. And look Brett is even here!

And here we are all at lunch. Yummy food. Just before we are interrupted by a work emergency that sends everyone scattering to take of the problem. We did have a short, nice time!

And here is one final picture of me and Adiel...the true Adiel!!


Adiel said...

Stop it! You're gonna make me cry. I'm determined not to cry!

First, you're a shrimp. I mean you make me feel tall all the time, but next to those men, you look like a freaking little person.

Next, does Rod not smile or something? What a party pooper.

McEwens said...

Oh bummer..........

Anonymous said...

Oh...that makes me sad to think that your leaving. Seeing all you guys in the pictures makes me so sad and now my eyes are all watery...thanks Marrdy. I am really home sick this last month and miss the office and the guys and the coffee shop and the ducks and even the bird poo covering our cars well thats enough of my whining, You will be missed, but you will have a great new home. Mel and Marsha are such wonderful people! Enjoy your new home!!

Veggie Mom said...

Adiel must be a special friend. But it's only 12 blocks, so I'll bet it works out for you all. BTW, thanks for coming by and visiting The Great State of Wisconsin today!

Anonymous said...

One more thing, I love the picture of you and Adiel on the insulation...super cute, and you do look so tiny with all those big strong men...haha

Kim said...

Sad, but at least you're still within lunch distance.

Melissa B. said...

Oh, but you're still close enough to share Social Occasions, right? That's the Most Important Thing!

Marrdy said...

I got off the freeway this morning at my old exit because there was an accident on the new one. Drove past work and there was Adiel walking in. I honked, she waved and I started to cry. All the way to my new job!!

Tonya-Sorry you're sad. You need to come visit and we'll go to the Deli!

Insane Mama said...

I will miss seeing all you and adiel's antics and dancing at work. But you are only 12 blocks away, it will be OK

Adiel said...

Aw, I didn't know that you cried! Now I feel bad!
But, man! What timing!

Jenn Hilbig said...


I am sorry about your changes - but you are always so resilient! Maybe they are just trying to share your sunshine around some more!

Hey! We are trying to get an invite to you for a fun baby shower! We need your address! Will you please call Janna Hassell at 523-3753? Thanks! Have a great day! JennHilbig

Rhea said...

I was worried there for a sec that you were leaving, but it sounds like you're not leaving very far away. Whew. It's hard to leave co-workers who feel like family, who you've grown to love and care for.

Tracy P. said...

Hi Marrdy! Sorry to hear about the changes. Sometimes they are just what we need, but it's hard to imagine that when we are in a happy place. Hope the transition goes smoothly!

By the way--the post about using manners on the phone was GREAT!