Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother's 76th birthday. She lives in a little town in Northern Utah close to Logan. She is coming down to Salt Lake today to watch the taping of Good Things Utah. Because I work during the day, I have never watched the show but my Mom LOVES it! For her brithday, my step father and I, decided to reserve a spot for her and her cousin, Donna Jean, to see the taping. (You can't take your purse into the studio....what will my mother do??? She'll have a nervous break down without her purse! It's like her best friend...she takes it everywhere!)

In honor of Mom's birthday here is a little Wordful Wednesday Wish for her!

Here is Mom with my dog Moose in about 1975.

Mom loves animals more than anything else. Honestly, more than anything!

This is Tammy. The dog we had during my childhood.
I'm sure she liked Tammy more than us. Tammy minded her!

My mom has only one sibling. My Uncle Tom. I cannot even
imagine having one sibling.

These seven were the kids she had when she married my step father.
Her own three Marrla, second from the left and Steve and me on the far right.
Shelly and Kelly, who are in the front, Mark who is on the left and Doug who is between
Marrla and me were her new step-children.

Here are Jack, Jill and David.
Ten children in total....and we lived to tell about it!

To make up for having only brother and no sisters, Mom has "adopted" her cousin Donna Jean.

Tonight we are all meeting up for dinner at Guadalahonky's in Draper. Her favorite place to eat PLUS it's Mexican Food...good for the soul!

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pan x 8 said...

What a beautiful tribute! You are a great daughter! ;p

Veggie Mom said...

Love your shots! Today's a Very Special Day, isn't it? You're Mom's celebrating, and you should be, too, 'cause you won the First Place Prize in Uncle Lynn's Birthday Bash! Come on by and claim your prize, Marrdy! Oh, and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARRDY'S MOM!

Tracy P. said...

Very fun! Wow, you guys are a Brady Bunch family! You should write some stories about that. Your mom is beautiful--Happy Birthday to her! She is one day younger than my dad. ;-)

nikkicrumpet said...

Happy Birthday to your precious mom! I hope they have a marvelous time at the taping!

Kepler the Kid said...

The present I got her was definetly a gift a computer geek would give!