Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Sermon


Recently I received an email at work that showed a little sign fight between a Catholic Church and a Presbyterian Church. Their banter starts out fun and cute and as the signs progress it gets a little testy. At one point the Catholic sign says, "All Dogs Go To Heaven". The rebuttal from the Presbyterians was "Animals don't have souls. Read the Bible". We all laughed at this exchange until Friday.

My co-worker has a little wired haired Jack Russell Terrier. She has had him for 10 years. He has been with her through the teenage years of her daughters, her divorce and her ex husbands tragic death, through dating and was an excellent judge of men! Her little Jazzman got cancer. He was a very sick little guy and spent the last three weeks with us at work sleeping under my co-workers desk. He was a sweet and well behaved dog.

Thursday night he took a turn for the worst and she had to have him put to sleep. She is, of course, broken hearted. Those of you with pets can understand how she feels. We are all sad at losing Jazz. He was one of those Great Dogs Of The World.

The timing of the email fight between the Catholics and Presbyterians was a bit ill timed. My co-worker is not a religious person but finds spiritual things all around her. She believes there is an afterlife and found some peace in her belief that she will see Jazz again.

I personally think that Heaven will be like the Garden of Eden. Humans and animals living in peace and love. When I pass on to the other side I like to think that I will be greeted by my Dad, my Grandparents and friends I have lost. But I would be sad to think that all my babies would not be there too.

I hope Tammy and Sime, my pets from my childhood, would be there. That Matues and Moose, my St. Bernard's would also be there to jump up and give me big wet slobbery kisses. And all my kitties would be there too. Jasper, Nibs, Cream Puff, Cracker, Puma and my sweet dog Haddie.

I miss them to this day.

I find comfort in believe that and I know my poor sad co-worker does too. Because, after all:

All Dogs Do Go To Heaven (And even Kitty Kats)!


Tracy P. said...

There is truly so little we know about heaven. I believe it's the consummation of the perfect, face-to-face relationship with our God that surpasses our wildest imaginations. So in our family we have fun imagining the best that heaven could be, knowing that it could be possible that these things are part of it, but certain it is even better than that.

pan x 8 said...

I love telling our children that Heavenly Father had animals in the Garden of Eden so I'm sure the animals will be there when we return to him as well...

Melissa B. said...

Another nugget of wisdom to think on. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Xazmin said...

I'm sorry your friend lost such a loyal companion! Of course animals have souls! Who would thiink otherwise?

Aleta said...

"And even kitty cats" - amen! Because I would be upset if my Siamese couldn't go to heaven too. God loves all His creatures.

Mariah said...

Oh man, I hate it when animals die. Makes me sad.

Teresha and Damon said...

I agree with you! I lost my poodle Sigma in 2005. I like to think he will greet me in Heaven. If your co-worker finds comfort in this belief, who is to say she is wrong?

Thanks for visiting my blog(s) and leaving all the comments! In case you're wondering...I'm still pregnant, LOL! But I have accepted that she is going to come when she is good and ready.

Teresha@Jamaican Bun in the Oven

Sydney said...

I believe that heaven is a place where we will have eternal happiness. I think that also means something different for everyone. I hope I will see all of my old fur friends in heaven someday.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm jumping in here kind of late, but I just wanted to say how sorry I was for your friends loss.
I've only experienced the loss of a pet a few times, but it is undeniably a horrible & helpless feeling. With our human counterparts we can say to them, "One day we will meet again."
With our pets, it's such a lonely place, because you aren't afforded that exchange. The reassurance.
My pup is getting on in years and I don't want to say goodbye.
~Take Care

Rebecca said...

Stopping by from SITS and clearly whoever posted that on the Presbyterian church's sign has never had a pet - because those of us with pets are acutely aware of the souls within them.