Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Office

Things here at work have been difficult for the past six weeks. We have lost friends to layoffs and transfers. We have gained new friends through mergers and more transfers. We miss those who left. You can probably hear us sobbing over Matt, Tonya and Brett. We try to hold it together and sometimes we fail. Our work load has double, maybe tripled but yet we persevere and continue on in hopes that someday we can actually take a lunch. (We are hungry and are withering away to nothing...well, not really withering but we are always hungry!)

Yesterday was a pivotal moment. Shane, who transferred here a month ago, had just come back from lunch. Adiel, who really is a cougar in disguise, told him she was going to beat him up. Now Adiel may have been just a little delusional because Shane is a big guy who works out and could crush her with his left pinky. But Adiel is fearless (or maybe just too young to know when she is looking death in the face) and she didn't back down. He said, "Now?" She said, "Yes." I was behind the safety of my Plexiglas shaking in my sandals....it was scary! So big bad Shane saunters over to the front of Adiel's desk and puts his elbow down, his hand up. He was challenging her to an arm wrestle. YEAH...an Olympic event right here in our office! Here is a picture of the result. And just so you know Shane did not break Adiel's arm. Thanks goodness because I too had just eaten lunch and that could have really made that lunch not sit well.

So, I figured if Shane could arm wrestle Adiel so could I. Who cares that she is 30 years younger than me, runs, works out and coaches cheer! I knew in my middle aged, flabby, leave me alone while I sit on the couch and watch TV body I would probably be the one in a cast. But I am brave and stupid at the same time. Yeah for me!! So I walked up to her desk and put MY elbow on the counter and challenged the little whipper snapper to a dual!! (He He He...just like Snidley Whiplash) I was pumped, she was cocky...she thought she could whip me, she thought wrong. Here is the proof.

I totally kicked her BUTT!!! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!! I am pretty proud of this!! Please allow me to gloat in my superiority of arm wrestling.

Here is a photo for Tonya...the Hales boys miss you too.

I just had to include this picture of Jake! I love this shirt. It has the Pink Panther on one side and the tail on the back. I am just too easily amused!

I can't figure out why these pictures won't go full screen. I am still in the learning stages of blogging. Wonder if I'll ever get it!


Adiel said...

Man, I guess I need to work out! Nicely written!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you guys are ready to rumble. Sounds like things are going better around the office. Thanks for the pic of the Hale boys, believe it or not, I miss them too! Tell them hi for me and I love jakes shirt! I will hopefully stop in and say hi next week.

Pj.steph said...

Sheesh! Looks like fun. I'll bet with my lack of exercise in the last 4 months, Adiel could even beat me. What does that say? I'm at the bottom of the food chain here.

Kesten said...

Marrdy, you look fabulous. It's been way too long. Hope all is well. Check us out at kestenfamily.wordpress.com
Have a happy 24th!

Tracy P. said...

Hi Marrdy! I saw you and Adiel on Mama Kat's blog and had to stop over. Too funny.

On the photo size thing. It can depend on where you're importing your image from, but you can choose the size you want to import on the photo import screen (small, medium or large). You can also change the size of the photo after you import it. You click on the html tab (instead of compose). There is a bunch of gobbledy gook that identifies your picture, but look for where it says, "width=240px" or something like that. You can play with the number, but start by changing it to 400px and see how that goes. You might want to make it bigger. You'll know you're too big when it cuts off your picture. I hope that's not too confusing, but I love it when people come by and help me. I've learned so much from my bloggy friends!