Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sharing The Love

I won my very first (and possibly my last) blogging award yesterday given by Adiel. Thank you Adiel, not sure that I deserve it but I am very excited. Plus it comes with such a nice story. Crystal started this award in honor of her son Noah. Go over and check them out. He is such a cute kid and has such an inspiring story!

In order to win this award someone first of all needs to nominate you, then you show the link back to Crystal's blog so everyone can know about her story and little Noah and Share The Love.

It was hard to decide who to give this award to because everyone needs some love. I would like to give this award to the following lovely blogging friends:

Kim over at Parachuting Without a Net who has been such an inspiration to me and knows how to share her love.

Heather at The Gunnell Family who is funny and inspires me to try harder and be a better person.

Julie at DJTatertots who is a friend from my previous life and who is now pregnant with triplets. Who better needs some love!

Brooke at Day to Day Life With Our Little Girls who I have know since she was three. Go check out her photography skills. She is a true sweetheart!

Liz at Livin' The Dream who helped me through Girls Camp and supported me when my daughter was starting to go nuts AND who I still owe lots!! Love Liz!

Lynn at After The Dust Settles who makes the best Piggy Banks in the world and is such a nice lady. Plus she has a kitty who is a killer, gotta love that when you're the Krazy Kat Lady!

All of you can now share the award and your love with other nice bloggers and hugs to everyone!


Adiel said...

Mmm, tater tots sound good...
Wanna go to lunch Marrdy?

Heather said...

Why thank you! What a pleasant surprise and such a kind gesture.

Liz said... nice are you! Personally, I'm just glad I'm NOT at girl's camp this week. It wouldn't be fun w/o you'

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Thanks for stopping over Marrdy. Looks like your having fun Sharing the Love!

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Aw, thanks Marrdy! *blushing*

Brooklyn said...

Thanks Marrdy!! That lady's blog is neat and I found myslef reading a lot about her son's story. Very special!