Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Saturday we held our annual family Halloween party. The kids are getting big and we were short three of the older ones and the youngest one. We were also missing all of Jack's and Kristin's kids. We still had a good time and I think most the those who came enjoyed themselves.

Here is Jill's oldest son Nick dressed up as a surly teenager. (I told him I was going to put his picture here and say that.) Nick is such a good kid. I tended him for a very short time when he was a baby and have always called him Nicky. Now that he's older he really doesn't like to be called that but he doesn't get mad at me so I'm guessing it really is OK. This is how Nick stayed most of the time.

The boys outnumber the girls for sure. Here is Jill's daughter Chelsea and her cute friend Madelyn. These two were such fun at this party. They were so excited to make all the crafts. They made scouring pad spiders, green apple witches, tootsie roll pop spiders, spooky eye votive's and a bat mobile. I didn't get a picture of any of the finished crafts but the scouring pad spiders and bat mobiles turned out pretty cute! Also, as a side note, Madelyn, who is 10, is wearing Jill's pep club uniform. Can you believe how tiny she was?!

The boys played a lot of Guitar Hero and ran around outside in the snowing and freezing temperatures. Boys, who can figure them out? We had chili and bread sticks and Jill made yummy hay stack desserts.

Here is the whole group (like I said we were missing a few people. 10 actually. Way more than half!) From the left is Marrla's grandson Gage, Alex, Chelsea, Nicky, Madelyn, Jill's #2 son Cody and another of Marrla's grandsons, Kyle.

Just before they all left Marrla handed out treat bags filled with candy, fake teeth, glow sticks, play dough and much more.


Lula! said...

Oh my head, the Surly Teenager "costume" was so my favorite. Please tell him I said that!

Loved the pictures!

Adiel said...

Alex looks puh-issed in that last photo. lol

Pennies In My Pocket said...

How fun! The photos are great!

Thanks for coming by on Friday when I was featured on SITS! I just got back in town and having a blast visiting everyone who stopped in! LOVE your blog!