Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frontier Days

Our little family outing on Friday was a fun filled event. We stopped by my brother Jack's house for a hot dog roast and then traveled onto the carnival.

Here is where I my I left (lost) my loving spouse.

He saw this horse pull going on and dumped the Ole Grey Mare for a bunch of testosterone filled giant stallions. (they weren't stallions, but anything else would not have the same meaning!) He stayed here almost all night. He did take a break to buy me a churro and I must say I was unimpressed. Maybe I need a churro from Costco, they are supposed to be the best, or so I've heard.

So, Jack, his wife Kristin and I drug the kids to the carnival. I got the two teenagers and the four little kids went with Jack and Kristin. I stood and watch as Alex and Tal went on the scary rides. Here they are on the Zipper and screaming like little girls. OK, I added that, but I so wish they would have. That would have made my night.

Here is evidence of my churro tasting. The problem was I had built it up to great proportions in my head and was severely disappointed at the first bite. I shared it with all the little kids who were like ravenous wolves. We had just eaten, what was wrong with them. Luckily I came out of it with all ten fingers. Little demons! (Not really, but I love the visual of them as demons.)

Here is another picture of Alex and Tal and I really want to know what the big deal is with these tight girl pants on boys. Alex just became obsessed with these and I broke down and bought him some for his birthday...and told him they were girl pants. Now he is warped for life. More Mom guilt!

Anyway, we did have a really good time, and we stopped back by the horse pull and watched those massive animals pulling 10,350 pounds and I get winded carrying a 10 lb bag of potatoes. Such a WHIMP!

Here is one last picture of Jack and Kristin with their kids. They are missing Jonathan the oldest who was at work. Such a cute bunch.


Hi! I'm Kim said...

Looks like a heckuva good time! I'm not impressed by churros either. Deep fried twinkies - now that's another story!

Heather said...

If those are the "girl" pants he is wearing, I am glad you didn't go several sizes smaller. Can't stand that look, the skinny jean on a guy, just ain't right!

Sid said...

Jack looks a little different than the last time I saw him, but he was only 10 I think...I still need pics of your wedding. Love ya!

Adiel said...

No, its worse when couning "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" aloud over and over makes you get out of breath.

jill.prettyman said...

looks like you had fun,I just found your blog, looks like fun. I'll be back!

Adiel said...

I'm sad for you that you didn't like the churro.

and Alex's pants don't look as tight as I thought they'd be. Cheer up, I've seen males wear them tighter!

Kepler said...

And I'm the computer geek's son who is addicted to the iPod touch.