Monday, June 16, 2008

I Am Not A Freak

Saturday my cute little husband decided that we shouldn’t cook dinner. (YEAH) We headed over to the local grocery store’s deli and decided we would get one of their dinner specials. Our choice would be roast turkey with a salad, roll and one side dish. The young man helping us gently put three pieces of the lovely roasted turkey on a platter. Lined them up all pretty and symmetrical. (Just as I would have) He then added our salad choice, macaroni salad. He gently put his spoon into the salad and carefully lifted it to the platter and plopped it down so that it was TOUCHING the turkey. Now, I need to state one more time, I Am Not A Freak, but, if you make the food I am about to eat touch each other, I become a bit put out. I tried to stay calm but my hubby knew that inside I was not handling this well. Then the deli clerk added the side right next to the salad and OH YUCK, they all ran in together. Then he added a roll and yes indeedy, put it on top of all that touching food. There are some foods I don’t mind if they touch, like Thanksgiving Dinner and Mexican food, but all other food has it’s place and should stay in that place. And please do not tell me it all winds up in my stomach together or I may just not eat. OK, so maybe I am just a bit of a freak about touching food but otherwise I am perfectly normal.


Adiel said...

You're certainly not a freak, you're perfectly normal! I tell you this all the time

Best part: "like Thanksgiving Dinner and mexican food"

I think its time to give La Puente a visit, whaddaya think?

insane mama said...

My kids can't have any of their food touching, I GET IT! REALLY!
I'm fine with everybody having three plates if it keeps their food separate and everybody stays calm.

Tonya said...

Your not alone! I would say normal people don't like there food touching and freaks do!

.K. said...

I agree! I usually won't eat the parts of the food that are touching.