Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Madie Pie!

Happy Birthday Madie! Here she is last year, Sweet 16!

I have only one daughter. I only have two sons, so it's not like I have tons of kids, but only one daughter. I always wanted lots of girls and I am so grateful that I now have only one. Girls are hard so I am glad I got to focus my attention on just this little one.

Anyway, my one beautiful daughter just celebrated her 17th birthday. It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with her and dragging my sisters into my filthy bedroom to tell them that miraculously I had gotten pregnant. I remember the day of the ultra sound and crying with joy because I was having a girl, going back to work and sharing that with my friends and they cried and hugged and kissed me. I remember the nasty complication I had and what a treat it was to finally deliver her and get rid of my maternity girdle!! (I ceremoniously trashed it when Alex was born!)

Most of all I remember scheduling the C-Section and going to the hospital and waiting for the process to start and how scared I was. It had been six years since the last time I had done this and I wasn't sure I was ready. After those nice drugs I think I was ready to do just about anything. My Doctor delivered her and called her "Pumpkin" and it sort of stuck. She has always been the Pumpkin Pie Girl.

She was boy crazy on that first day and I think she really is getting worse and worse. But she is more crazy for animals. Cats, Dogs, Rats, Hamsters, Mice..anything that she could and can drag home with her and call her own. She still has all her cats, six or seven plus a hamster. (I think the cats ate her last mouse.) Her greatest loves are Llama's and Alpaca's. Don't know how they could ever sleep in her bed like the cats though.

Llama Lover Madie...with a baby Llama and a Llama puppet

She works hard now at a pet store and is great at her job and enjoys it most of the time. She is a Junior in High School and now our (please note the our) goal is a car. Can you just see and all those A's and B's coming???

Here she is just last night letting a Ferret kiss her. Maybe this will keep the boys away!

So Happy Birthday to my wonderful, challenging, beautiful daughter!
Love you tons and tons, baby girl. So glad you are part of my life.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

What great pictures! I love the llamas!

Happy Birthday Madie!

Monika said...

Happy Birthday! I remember her bringing her rats to our house to play on a regular basis! I can't believe she is 17!

Veggie Mom said...

Happy Birthday, to your gal! Do ferrets really give kisses?

McEwens said...

HAPPY birthday!! Hope you all reach YOUR goals!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Happy Birthday! I love all her pics - such a sweet post :)

Adiel said...

I so cannot identify with this love of animals. That last photos triggered my gag reflex a little... a ferret!?!?

...but Happy Birthday Madie! Good luck with the car! You can do it! :)

Oh, and I'm wondering what she thought of that llama bag I gave you to give her... I guess I'll ask you when I see you for lunch in a few minutes. ;)

Emily K. said...

WOW, time flies. Are you sure she's really 17? The way I remember it is that she just started YW's. Congrats on making it this far with a teenage girl. I'm preparing now, and I know I can call on you for great tips when the time comes!

Carston, Katrina and Isabelle said...

Sooo fun to see your Blog. I hope your doing great. You are such a specail lady. Happy Birthday Madie, I too, am so gratefull to have a I just hope I have a boy....but now I'm jinxxing myself!!!! I can see three more girls on their way!!!! Ahhhhh!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Madie! What a cutie, you sure do have cute kids!

I remember when I was 17 and pregnant...Keep her away from boys and have her hang with the animals as much as possible.

Veggie Mom said...

BTW, I'm conferring some Bloggy Love on You and Your Blog this morning. Come on by to pick up your award!

Tracy P. said...

How cute is she!! I'm glad you came up for air long enough to stop by--new job=steep learning curve and playing catch-up! Boo for you, but I'm glad you like the new people.

Insane Mama said...

Argh... My daughter turns 17 next month and my god it has been rough, but I have to say getting better. But now it is my son (13) giving me lip.

Rhea said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! I love that ferret photo. Her expression is hilarious!

I wish I had a daughter. I mean, I wouldn't trade in my two boys, I love them, but I'd like a girl too. I treasure the close relationship I have with my mother.