Friday, May 15, 2009

Say No To Crack!

Last night I picked up Madie to take her to the Mall to get another phone. Her 5th phone. Yes, folks, that’s right 5 phones. She actually blamed this phone breaking on Alex. (Mom always knows Madie, remember that!)

We ran to the grocery store first to get some much needed liquid refreshment and were pulling back onto the main road when a motorcycle pulled by us.

I had my glasses on, Madie did not.

I gasped.


I have heard the jokes, seen the pictures and read Nikki’s I Wish Wednesday post, but I have never been bumper to tire with what we saw.

Madie looked up and lets out a squeal and with an ear piercing voice says, “Oh For Gross!”

For it really was……Gross.

We had motorcycle Butt Crack right in front of us.

We slowed way down. Nothing makes you want to obey the law like a hairy, exposed, butt crack.

I suggest Janice and Liz and Karen stay at home. Do not venture close to Harmon’s. You may see more than you really want.

You have been warned!


Tracy P. said...

I had a similar experience on Sunday, at CHURCH! It wasn't quite an exposed crack, but there was lots of skin (LOTS), and underwear. It was a woman bending over a table to write a check for the youth fundraiser. What to do!

Marrdy said...

Oh Tracy...that is gross too. I guess you could walk up and stand behind her with your back to her!

Veggie Mom said...

Did you take a photo with the new phone? I think that "crack" problems have been on the rise nationwide. I've seen a few recently, and I know these guys aren't plumbers!

Amy - Park City Girl said...


pan x 8 said...

I'm with Madie - for gross!! Thanks for the warning. I use to think I had a strong stomach after 6 babies and a million poo diapers and thow ups... but THAT it think would encourage me to throw up!!!


Kristin said...

OK that is totally gross!
On another, much more pleasant, note - thanks so much for the yummy dinner. It was devoured! Since I'm going to be home all week I am begging for many amusing blog posts.

Melissa B. said...

Marrdy, you're too funny! I, too, am shocked & dismayed every time I see too much skin...on either gender! On a completely different subject, did you miss my kitty cat yesterday? And BTW, make sure to stop by my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes today...I've got a Big Fish Tale to tell!

Mariah said...

Ack, I saw the worst butt crack yesterday. What's wrong with people? Don't they notice?

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!!

nikkicrumpet said...

LOL up close and personal butt crack should be a crime!!! Too bad you didn't have your camera ready!