Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writers Workshop

This week one of Mama Kat's assignment was to write a poem to your Mom. I am not much of a poet so I thought I would share a poem my oldest son wrote to me for Mother's Day when he was about 13 years old.

This is the Fat Cat Striper-Viper


You have a fat cat named Viper,

You even changed my stinky diaper.

You're there for me when I am sad,

You're there for me when I was bad.

All and all, you're the best Mom in the world.

And mean the world to me.

You were there for me when I felt blue,

And on this special day I want to tell you,

I Love You!

Thanks for the great poem (10 years ago when I got it I cried!) I love you too Cole!


Tracy P. said...

Wow, I would cry too! Today I was being a mean mom and my oldest ran in his room yelling that he hated me and was going to tear up his Mother's Day card he had made me. So I may or may not get one! ;-)

Happy Mother's Day, Marrdy!

Adiel said...


Love you Mama Marrdy!

Xazmin said...

That is so sweet! Love when kids express their love!

Brandy said...

What a cute poem! But the picture is even better...rock on!

Brooklyn said...

That is so sweet! I would have cried too. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Melissa B. said...

What a great kid...and a great kitty-cat! I might have to steal that feline for Sx3, whaddaya think? Hope you have the BEST Mom's Day, Marrdy. I'm celebrating by cleaning the screen porch, trimming plants that are seriously about to turn into mammoth tangles of growth because of recent heavy rains, and, of course, hosting my weekly Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. Please stop by, if you have a chance!

Tracy P. said...

Yes, I got my card. It was very sweet. ;-)

pan x 8 said...

Hey Maardy, I totally read your post on the day you posted but I don't think I saved my comment!

That's a great poem! And what a sweety! It means even more 10 years later doesn't it?? I can't wait! Mine is going to be 10 this year!!

Veggie Mom said...

What a sweet poem! I understand why you cried when you read this. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

Mimi said...

That is awesome!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

nikkicrumpet said...

How cute! I don't think I ever got a poem. I love the rasta cat!

Kepler the Kid said...

Not that isn't sweet but can't he also juggle fire! AWESOME!!!